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Attention Parents / Guardians
HCI has an easy way for you to monitor student achievement.
Now you can view your student’s information, including timetable, attendance, and achievement from the comfort of your home.

Connect Ed Login information
Our staff uses Maplewood Connect Ed as a way of tracking and communicating student achievement, attendance, timetables and important demographic information.
To acquire a username and password, please email the school at hci@hzsd.ca and identify who you are and the student you have enrolled in our school.

To Log in:
Go to the website: http://sis.hzsd.ca
Scroll down until you find Humboldt Collegiate Institute
Click on the Students or Parents Icon
Enter in your username and password.  
Please ensure to change your  password after logging in, as the password given only works once.

If you have any further questions about Maplewood Connect Ed, please phone or email us.  
You may also find help at http://www.maplewood.com/

HCI Lunch Menu
Daily Specials Students: $6.00   Adults: 7.50
Lunch cards are available at the Uniplex.

Monday, March 16  - no school
Tuesday, March 17- Pita Pizza's with Caesar Salad
Wednesday, March 18 - Hot Dog with Soup andd Choc Milk
Thursday,March 19 - Chicken Parma Rosa Pasta withh Garlic Bread
Friday, March 20 - Taco in  a Bag
Monday, March 23 - Cheese with Grilled Soup and Choc Milk
Tuesday, March 24- BLT with Potato Wedges and Pasta Salad
Wednesday, March 25 - Soft Taco's with Tator Tots
Thursday,March 26 -  Lasagna with Garlic Toast
Friday, March 27 - Cheeseburger with fries

Regular Menu
Students $2.75/Adults: $3.50
Breakfast Bar
Baked Chips
Chocolate Milk
Vitamin Water 
Granola Berry Cup

Instant Message
THIS WEEK IN HORIZON (April 13 -17, 2015)
Kevin C. Garinger – Director of Education

Welcome back, everyone. I trust you had a restful week off. As I sat to write this edition of “TWIH”, I reflected on my most recent travels throughout our province. I was driving back from Regina on Friday and noticed that there were small snow piles on the sides of banks and in the wooded areas just hanging on as if to remind me that winter is not that far removed. The changes from white to brown in our country-side, made me reflect on the processes of change we have seen in Horizon. Although it may feel that spring has come overnight, I am reminded that all change takes time and that even the smallest changes, such as that I saw on the banks or in the woods, is still necessary to complete the process. It is also true of our work with our students that each of us will make the smallest changes in order to move forward with the learning process. As we anticipate trees, grass and bushes changing from brown to green, we look forward in the same way to the possibilities of tremendous growth in our students’ learning.


Horizon News
  • VCS Track and Field Season
    Track season is underway! Ms. Hackl has an excellent program with roughly 15 students that come out to participate. Practices are held Monday mornings at 7:30 am, Wednesdays after school, and noon hours on Days 1 and 5. Training includes: dynamics, inte Full Story...
  • Viscount Central School Movie Night
    At the end of March, the Sr. SRC put on a movie night in the gym. The first movie put on for younger students was “Big Hero 6”, and started at 7:00 pm. The second movie, “ The Maze Runner” played at 9:00 pm. There was no admission, but kids Full Story...
  • Neal Hughes Speaks at Muenster School
    On the afternoon of April 16, Neal Hughes, Saskatchewan Roughrider fullback and two-time Grey Cup champion, visited Muenster School to share an anti-bullying message with groups of students from K-12. In his talk, Neal spoke out against bullying and share Full Story...
  • Foam Lake Elementary School March Events
    March was a very busy month at the Foam Lake Elementary School. On March 2nd, 5th, and 17th we had charity events. These charity events included a Soup Lunch for the Wynyard Food Bank where students had to bring cans in and received soup in return that Full Story...
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